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THE END: Pages 441 to 445

Hello gang,

The first adventure of  Tinkers is finishing here. I hope you enjoyed the ride and the end of this story arc. I had planned to end it on April 2nd. But I wanted to close March with a bunch of pages because you don’t deserve to wait any longer. Thank you all for being here, thank you to those who started supporting me from the beginning. Some of you stayed and some of you left, but it doesn’t matter, you were also very supportive.

Much effort and time I have spent in doing this project, specially translating everything that I wrote and making grammar mistakes. That’s why I appreciate all your support. Thank you so much to those ones who were always helping me to fix the dialogues. I promise you that you will be in the Thank You page. I want to mention, without making you feel bad, that if I finished this project, it was not for you but for me. If I had it done because of the readers I wouldn’t finished. Maybe I’d have feel depressed because of the lack of traffic visitors in order to be able to make my living doing this. Or maybe I didn’t get commented as much as I saw in other american webcomics, or maybe because I never reach the top 10 of the best comics, or perhaps because I never got a nomination, or whatever… for other things. All this went through my head and almost distracted me from my goal. Then I found the right motivation: to express what I feel and have fun doing it. However, sometimes I was worried to make you have a good time with the dialogues and Tinkers’ fun situations. I hope you spent a good time as well.

In advance, thanks for the understanding. But definitely you’re an important piece of this project because my work is done just if at least one person read it. Otherwise, it’s incomplete. So thanks for being here.

What is coming next is hard work. I want to draw a bunch of pages at the beginning. I also want to redraw and adjust some panels. Polish dialogues and prepare this work either to sell to a publisher or to print it myself.

Expect soon a sneak peek of the concept art  book of  Tinkers. I promise that the book is fun. I also hope I can print it or at least put it on sale via iTunes. That’s why it’s important to subscribe to the mailing list to get future news. Well I’m still deciding whether to go to work on the next adventure of Tinkers, or rest a little working on another project I have in mind. Whatever it is, future projects will have a short extension and not as long as this.

So, thanks for reading and thanks for being all the way.

Talk soon friends,

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Tinkers 2 & 3 Mutated Limited Edition

Hello wasteland survivor,

Long time no posting here. But it doesn’t mean Tinkers are forgotten. I been working, and working hard, on my career. I published the trilogy in Spanish, a trilogy of art books and now I’m bringing you the last two issues of Tinker of the Wasteland in one book.

What? I know it’s hard to understand. But let me explain: In the wasteland there are mutants. The issue contains the last two books of the Tinkers of the Wasteland trilogy. A collector’s edition, only 500 copies were printed.

What makes this edition special is the mutation suffered by books 2 and 3. Result: one aberrant book instead of two 128 page books. All the printer shop owner could tell us was that a gang of mutants broke into his shop. For this reason, I disclaim all responsibility, since in the Wasteland, anything can happen.

Support Tinkers journey by getting the book here.

Thanks for reading!

Tinkers of the Wasteland - Mutated Limited Edition

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